Having been a part of and having witnessed many demonstrations during decades of living and working in central London, I’ve noticed one main thing – they are all greatly compromised. I feel it’s long overdue to come up with solutions to change this.

Humans have been under the ‘Spelling’ curse for millennia and those who organise these marches are either compromised or ignorant to the power of the catch phrases spoken/sung/shouted by the millions that attend these various gatherings.

The person at the front or placed at various positions along the line of those marching, prompting set chants, are often getting the crowd to manifest the opposite of what is desired.

Many chanting would be one of the most powerful enablers of changing the current paradigm if people were more aware of the powers of manifestation, with a key reality being what we resist persists.

Shouting ‘No’ at anything creates more of that, as we are powerful creators.  Anything that is put in a future tense will not be realised and I’ll give some examples:

The following example is not taking a side, as personally I love all people and nations, from a higher perspective we are all connected.  This however this clarifies the manifesting in certain phrases:

The Palestinian demonstration, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, ‘will be’ means it isn’t happening now.  For anyone suffering war anywhere in the world, they need peace instantly, not at a future time.  Also for the people living there, Palestine being free can have many connotations, free how? Palestine free for another group of people to enter and live there as there are no more Palestinians? The focus is Palestine and not the Palestinians being happy and free living in Palestine.

Most of the demonstrations I have witnessed shout ‘NO’ and carry banners saying ‘NO’.  Anyone who has scratched the surface of the law of attraction knows that the universe doesn’t hear negatives, it doesn’t hear the word no, it hears what the focus is and gives more of that.  The same with other common words used ‘STOP’, ‘RESIST’.

It is interesting that funding and banners are given so freely at these demonstrations, the streets often littered with ample signs to pick up. Banners and controllers on megaphones all shouting these key words that will negate the positive impact of the intent of the 99% being there.

No matter what the war, the available signs for all to pick up and carry remain the same, ‘Stop the War’,  ‘No War’, ‘End the War’, ‘Resist’… You can scan the images of signs carried and see how few are written to give the desired outcome. 

Many have pictures on these signs are of blood and bombs dropping and the universe sees millions of people carrying banners of those things and delivers more of that.

As in my article on music (link added below), it is really time humanity break the spell of spell-ing. We must remember who we are, powerful creators and our thoughts and words do manifest our outcome.  The desire to stop the wars is there and that is powerful, though muddied by those who knowingly or unknowingly confuse the creation of that intent.

Learning/remembering how we create our reality, will transform all of our lives, individually and collectively.  Manifestation is real and very easy to do.  Some information will over complicate things, though basically it is the following:  Know what you want, focus on what feels right, have a vision plan of the desired outcome, feel it as if it has happened already and make steps towards that goal.  

Manipulating love or people excluded from the above, we all have free will and manifesting the perfect partner is fine, manifesting a specific partner to be with you is manipulation and will never have the desired outcome. We are all meant to live a life that is full of abundance and joy, it is only our beliefs that allow or block you from the desired outcome.

So, solutions for demonstrations… we have to first be aware that much of our reality has been manipulated and controlled.  Find out who funds and organises these demonstrations and create our own chants, get our own people to get the crowd motivated with a positive and phrases that manifests change in the now.

I suggest also viewing my article on Music and Spell casting https://www.inm.tv/music-and-spell-casting/ which may clarify much of why we at times are not living the best experiences.

We all deserve the best life, love, abundance, happiness.  We also deserve to share and spread this knowledge and experience with others, so they can live out their best lives.  Those that have sought to control the narrative and keep people in a state of lack, have not been living their best life experience either.  We are all connected, the joy we give to others we also create for ourselves.

Hopefully we all create a world where demon-strations aren’t needed, as we are collectively living our best life and ensuring the same for all around us.