Music, sweet music.  Like sugary things music is much loved by most people, though similar to sugar, could much of it be bad for our health?

Apart from the obvious jarring affects one may have to a neighbour playing music too loud,  feeling stressed out by music that does not appeal, or is played when unwanted… I’m talking about negative in other more subtle ways.

A few things come to mind, when I’ve the urge to listen to music these days and I’ll start with the one I feel most important to address, lyrical content.

Skipping back to when the Law of Attraction material came out, much of it I now deem New Age manipulation, but it does have some handy nuggets of important truth.  The material states that repeating things helps with manifesting, the law of three and how this helps bring desired outcomes to you.  This idea of repetition to manifest, is backed up in most books on magic with the idea of spell casting.

Although I’ll cover how some of the lyrical content can be damaging, in relation to the above, the repetition of chorus content becomes clearer.  Would you choose to sing that song and that chorus if you thought you’d manifest the content?

Most of us sing without thinking too much about the words we are singing (a matter of habit, having it ‘stuck in our mind’ or someone else repeatedly playing or singing it), so often it is happening on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Is it spell casting?  Most now know that much of our world is manipulated and songs often are written about heartbreak, lack, loss, missing someone or something, being incomplete without someone, unrequited love, out of balance emotions, compulsions, being crazy, being unable to function properly and many other topics often far worse than the aforementioned. 

Many say the best music is written by those who have suffered and the best singers those who can express the deep emotions.  Like law of attraction, live it, be it, feel it as your reality.

These thoughts got me looking through my rather large music collection.  I happen to like most genres of music and prided myself a decade or so ago, in keeping up with new artists, doing music compilations, video mixed tapes off music channels, making and playing music much of the time.

To my great shock after going through a vast collection, found only a handful of songs, that if manifested, would bring a positive outcome.  I found that even ones I thought were positive more often than not, had a word or several that negated the positive outcome.

An example song, though I suggest you pick some of your favourite songs and check them for yourself.

I Can See Clearly now, written by Johnny Nash:

Hidden lyrics, i.e. that don’t fit with the rest of the lyrics of positivity like:  ‘I can see all obstacles in my way’.

Songs showing delay:  ‘It’s going to be a bright bright bright sunshiny day’.  Going to be, i.e. it’s currently not a sunny day.

I’m not picking on Johnny’s lyric here; it may well have been changed by the record company.  Most who have studied that industry know some of the dark magicians that lurk there.  Wonderful incites from Max Spiers, Mark Devlin, Michael Tsarion and many more cover this topic well.

Many know about the history behind the changing of the A note, from harmonious 432Hz to the 440Hz now commonly used in pop music.  432Hz being a harmonious and calming frequency on the body and 440Hz being discordant, said to cause a multitude of negative effects and impulses. 

I go into detail on this on the Frequency and Music facebook group, so I won’t go too much into frequencies in this article, as it is a massive topic.  However, I do suggest people look into Royal Raymond Rife (if you haven’t already), as he wrote the definitive guide on what frequencies do what to the body.  I’ve added Rife’s list of healing frequencies, the links I had kept being taken down, so big thanks to the Spooky team for posting it.

As I still love and appreciate all that music does bring, my hope in writing this, is that more musicians and song writers will add some extra positive lyrics to their albums.  Writing as if we are in a new paradigm, free from pain, suffering and control, write as if this has already happened is key and then we can sing that with passion. 

I’ve a strong feeling, the more we do this, the quicker we will be transported to that reality.  In the lyrics, give back control to the 99%, as that is well worth doing at this point.