For all those glorious individuals who remember who they truly are.  To those that dared to be different and continued on the path of integrity, regardless of the abuse, both physical and mental that may have been thrown at them.  I thank you.

We are nearly at a time when most will awaken.  Many will be forced to see the often very uncomfortable truths, that are now becoming more and more undeniable.  The same truths that for those who didn’t want to hear, dis-owned many friends and family, so they didn’t have to face them.

With no judgement on them I write this, as most who have been on this path of self discovery and research, we come out the other side remembering our connectedness.  Remembering who we are and how we are all family on the other side.

As we arrive in this reality as children, we have some memory of who we are as abundant beings, innocently not understanding why we can’t have everything we desire, as on the other side we could.  We are creators who manifest anything and everything that one may deem ‘good or bad’, though in a deeper reality there is no good or bad, just limitless experience. As Darius J Wright stated, ‘we are here to experience that which we are not’.

On arrival the conditioning begins again and most forget much by design as we struggle to cope with a system that teaches lack, destruction, death and hardship.  We learn and grow from all these things, as we do with all the good experiences, though as creator beings it is not necessary to suffer.

Many come in choosing to experience some hardships and certain experiences that once here may be deemed bad or unbearable.  We may have placed some of these events on our path, though once you remember you come from Source, you are part of Source and that you are a creator, you can change these events.  Contracts can be scrapped and lives of hardship changed to ones of abundance and joy.

As in my articles on ‘Music and Spell Casting’ and ‘Demon-strations’, learning the basics of manifesting can help greatly on the path to making our lives better, though there is more that needs to be learnt to really transform things not only for yourself, but also for those around you and that is up to what you have allowed your belief system to be.

The truth of the world, our real history and how nearly all that we have the considered to be ‘normal’, is in fact a very manipulated dark system that was meant to serve only those at the top.  I say meant, as I will also outline how this greed has also led to a shallow and dark life for them also.  As I said we are all connected and you can’t harm one without harming the collective.

We can all thrive.  There is such abundance on this Earth and beyond, when those who sought to enslave and control see the better path, they will realise that their actions have mainly been hurting themselves in the long run.

No matter what one’s belief is, 1. that we have had the power all along, 2, that we are controlled by a satanic cabal, 3. that we have had controllers from outside the known lands manipulating our leaders… what ever one’s belief system is, all of the above is true as we collectively and independently create our reality.

Having studied decades of NDE’s (near death experience), one thing that stands out, is what we believe creates our reality during the OBE (out of body experience).  That’s not to say there are not set places and experiences that all can concur with in the OBE, there are, more that one’s religious beliefs during OBE, NDE or physical death will affect what one experiences.

Many have reported they believed they would go to hell and went there on exiting the body.  They remained there until they realised it was a self inflicted/self created experience.  When they become aware that there’s no judgment on the other side, they experience only unconditional love and souls experiencing/learning and growing.

Source from which we are all from I heard someone describe a like a pond, of which we as souls are all drops of water that make up that pond. This may have come from Darius and suggest all check out his work, here is his You Tube channel:

On departing the 3D reality, all have talked about the ‘life review’ where one experiences a recap of all life events, where the pain and hurt you caused others is experienced by you.  Only you judge your actions there, though you will feel everything deeply. The life review is experienced by everyone.

Be careful what you believe here in this 3D reality and there, you are a powerful creator and your words, thoughts, deeds to yourself and others, does matter.  Once more become aware of this, the better off we will all be, the more abundant, joyful, helpful and kind.  Our quality of life will change and we can all have the ‘Heaven on Earth’ experience.

To all the Lighthouse People, those who helped steer people from the rocks of the current system, to those who see a better reality and have helped guide us towards a more conscious co-creation, I thank you.