Councils, Courts and Conmen. The film documents a “liability hearing” for council tax where lay advisers entered the court under common law and were kept waiting for two and a half hours and put into a criminal court with a dock rather than the small rooms usually used in courts for this purpose. The film shows how magistrates and the clerk will do anything rather than honour their oath, even calling the police who do act honourably. The freemen win the day however, but of course the “liability” was already established. However the court employees still got paid!

Watch out for more info on how councils print the court summons and do not issue lawful liability orders, as of course nobody sees an original order with their name on signed and sealed by the court! This means of course that a bailiff cannot be appointed by the court as they would have to have a liability order from the court in the name of the PERSON, so they just get in debt collectors who refer to themselves as bailiffs. Ask for a true copy of the liability order and things could go a bit quiet! This certainly seems to be the case in many areas. Let us know about YOUR experiences! The court is just a facade..This is because they hire a room in the court to make it look like a court. When a number of lay advisers turned up it really had to look like a court!