The Truth About Sugar to start The Adaptive Body Boost Program, the easiest and most effective sugar detox system. Scientists have found that sugar is highly addictive and stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as cocaine or heroin. A sugar addiction can lead to health problems as well as the emotional and psychological pain of living with an addiction. Just like those hard-core drugs, getting off sugar leads to withdrawal and cravings, requiring an actual sugar detox process to wean off. Just like cocaine and other addictive drugs, over time your brain requires more sugar in order to generate the same high. Your dopamine receptors become less sensitive to the presence of sugar, and your addiction to sugar grows stronger. Category: BBC Documentaries, National Geographic Documentaries (Nat Geo People) and Discovery Channel. Full documentaries about health and nutrition. Topics: Documentaries sugar addiction, sugar detox and general nutrition principles Details of this video.