The Dangers and Threats of COMMON CORE Education System – Dumbing down our Children There is a very dangerous (to our children) education system now being, in some cases, forcibly implemented in schools across the USA. Education has always been State controlled but now the Federal Government are insisting that ALL schools nationwide take on the Common Core system, and many schools are being co-hearsed into changing their syllabus to the new one regardless of individual State or regional needs. Some States have banned Common Core and are having a fight to uphold that decision against the White House’s ruling. To understand the reasoning for this roll out of a destructive and ludicrous education system please view ‘THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA’ by CHARLOTTE ISERBYTE. it is on you tube. Also please remember that this is a GLOBAL trend and ALL our children are in danger from offshoots from this COMMON CORE ‘experiment’. Many of our brightest children are struggling to understand the workings of doing a simple adding up sum. An example – Some addition takes up to a dozen steps to find the answer, which is marked as correct even if the final total is wrong. A correct answer worked the traditional way will be marked as incorrect! Children are becoming frustrated and depressed, many self harming.