I recently saw a link friend Clive de Carle did on Tesla High Frequency Machines which excited me greatly and got me looking into the possibility of getting one.

Having suffered with some very painful conditions and injuries, I love checking out new healing devices and this one seems good for helping with many things.

These days, you can’t use the word cure, even if someone states they were in great pain, used a device and the pain went completely.  Something down to cutting into globalist controllers, ‘corporate/cor-pirate’ profits.
Anyhow, this device seems to be handy at removing pain and is also sold/used for cosmetic purposes.

Clive collects and repairs the Tesla machines which are wonderful original vintage items, that come in stylish cases, prices ranging from around £1,200 (depending on the size of the set/number of electrodes…), upwards to around £4,000.

After messaging Clive about his machines, I went into research mode and found the d’Arsonval High Frequency Machine.  The d’Arsonval is not nearly as powerful as the original Tesla machines, though can be purchased for a lot less money.  The d’Arsonval devices are mass produced cheaply and some of the glass electrodes can contain mercury, so be very careful if you can only afford the cheaper version.

Tesla did a lot of research with high frequency and announced his findings to those in the medical community.  Although he was said to be somewhat addicted to using his own high frequency device on himself, he never patented it. 

D’Arsonval patented and marketed Tesla’s idea’s, which led to awareness and it became referred to as “the Tesla Current” and “d’Arsonval High Frequency device. Around the 1970’s and 1980’s it became widely used by skin care professionals in America and popularity has grown from there. 

Tesla claimed the machine rejuvenated him, allowing him to work longer hours, going without food or sleep.  Soothing aches and pains and promoting healing, it was a very handy invention to discover.

The modern day d’Arsonval machines are not as stylish as the originals and come in black or white plastic.  Looking rather like vibrators, they come with a few glass electrodes, which attach to the top.  You can buy more glass attachments separately and the kit come in two colours, violet and red.

Here is some of the sales information posted by various sellers:

Promotes blood circulation, strengthens nutrient supply, aids in preventing and ‘curing neurasthenia’ (chronic fatigue/weakness, generalized aches & pains, exhaustion of the nervous system/nervous exhaustion), promotes hair growth, prevents and ‘cures hair loss’ and loss of hair colour.  Refines skin texture, improves skins defence against bacteria, has a germicidal and anti-bacterial effect, improves skins texture/oil & balance, heals pustular skin infections, relieves itching, eases pain, dispersion of chronic inflammation, helps aid relaxation and improved sleep…

I strongly suggest saving up for an original Tesla version, though failing that the d’Arsonval seems to cover a lot of ground for around £20.  Some of the machines with more electrodes are around £100 and you could pay around the same again if you want all the glass attachments and both the red and violet sets.

The Violet emits a small amount of ultra violet light and provides excellent healing and anti-bacterial benefits, good to treat acne and other conditions.

The red/orange is good to treat aging skin, promotes blood circulation, helps tone and improve collagen production/cellular regrowth.

The Ozone smell is healing in itself and the analgesic effect is excellent at removing pain, calming itching etc.  I put the electrode on a small spot for too long and it dried the skin out a bit too much (as 5 seconds is the max you are meant to have it in one spot), however it did get rid of it. 

Do not use the device for longer than 10 minutes or you could ruin the electrode and keep the device moving and careful not to pull the plug out of the country adaptor given, as I did feel a mild shock from doing this.  I purchased adapter plugs that hold the EU plug locked inside.

Read up well on any machine you buy that affects your health, though so far this gets the thumbs up from me and if I make some money would also consider getting an original Tesla device from Clive.  Thank you, Clive de Carle for leading me on the High Frequency device path.


If people want to make an appointment to see Clive’s devices they can contact: info@clivedecarle.com