As I sit here wondering movie directors are going to start adding masks to actors in old movies, like they’ve been doing for some time now by adding chemtrails to old films. 

The money men ingraining the endless new normal(s), changes often so slight, that as David Icke states, is the “totalitarian tip toe” he has talked about for decades.  Once ridiculed for his opinions, he now effortlessly fills Wembley Arena, adding much sanity to a beyond insane world.

In my mind, I picture Disney cartoons under the ‘new normal’.  Bambi bounding through the forest with a mask on and socially distancing from his dying Mom.  Disney love to start their films with a bit of Trauma based mind control for kids.  The Prince/Princess programming, normalising in the minds of those that watch, the system of the elite and those that revere them.

I ponder the current state of affairs, the lunatic behaviour that is happening due to Covid 1984.  The encouragement for people to inform on their neighbours, in the same way people did in world war two.

We do seem to be in a war and it’s a silent war for control of every part of our lives.  The globalists have taken control of many of our minds for decades, as the Netflix series ‘Social Dilemma’ (to some degree), covers. Being a controlled media show, it has a twisted narrative, deliberately dismissing anyone who thinks out of the box as manipulated or a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  I started watching the first episode though found the propaganda painful and having done a fair bit of research on the subject of mind control (and my current dislike for Netflix choosing programming that often seems designed purely for pedophiles), I switched off.

Like with Disney conscious and sub conscious sexualising their films, ‘Lol Dolls’ showing hidden S&M outfits (for children age 6-12), pop music videos for a while now are highly sexualised, children being taught about masturbation and sex in schools at a far younger age… I could go on for days, programming is rife worldwide.

How much of our lives have been controlled and manipulated, as sheeple wander around parroting what they think are words of truth, though are direct from government psychological operation departments.  Who are the real ‘selfish’ ones here?  Those breathing in their own dirty air or the ones fighting for our individual freedom.

Are we being totally controlled by elite psychopaths, or can we break free of the social programming?   Are we all numbing ourselves to reality, drinking and drug taking, singing the same old tunes as we stagger gormless from one place to another in repeat patterns of behaviour?

On a Friday night in Soho, where I have been living since 1991, I listen to the mindless drinkers singing out of tune renditions of ‘I Love You Baby’ and other hits for the inebriated.  It seems to be the same handful of songs sung over and over, in between the gorilla grunts of some who get very aggressive as the night progresses.

The inventors who first created television as a weapon also have a lot to answer for, as do the globalist controllers, media, politicians… though I think the main issue is, we need to grow up and take back our power.  Ultimately, we are the ones we have been waiting for that can create a better system.  Blaming others for our situation hasn’t worked well for us in the past, so maybe time to know how much we affect/create the current system we are living in.

Inner stand not understand I hear Charlie Freak say.  Charlie and Santos Bonacci talk a great deal of sense on some topics, that many I feel would benefit from hearing.  Do the inner work people, as if we don’t start looking and changing our own actions, we leave ourselves controlled by others.  Be aware how much we currently are controlled, then we will be less controlled by programmes such as MK Ultra/Project Monarch/Tavistock Institute and Darpa , then we can create a wonderful new paradigm for everyone.

Only able to speak for myself when I say, less of the emotional based reactions and more of the conscious actions, would help improve my life.  Living with profound consciousness in all our interactions, we can quickly make a world truly worth living in.