Interview on Red Ice Creations – June 8th 2008

Rik Clay was a researcher of the New World Order and their occult practices. He created a blog about about 2012 London “ZION” Olympics, Politics, Paranormal Phenomenon, and many aspects of the New Age Movement. Rik’s research and uncanny ability to uncover the Illuminati’s symbology and game plan for the world gained him alot of attention from independent researchers from around the world. Sadly on August 28th 2008 Rik “committed suicide”. The circumstances of his suicide are very suspicious, since many of his friends and family said Rik had an amazing vigor and appreciation for life. But as most of us know, if you are on the right path of discovering the truth you may end up dead. Rik’s Birthday was on August 5th 1982. I post this video in remembrence of RIK’S life,