Many people watch pornography and this has in more recent times sadly become very common in schools.

With the increasing sexualisation of children, greater worldwide access to computers/televisions showing explicit films and music videos, pornographic material is far more available to the younger generation than ever before.

Is this something people worry about, with most people thinking that this is just sex between two consenting adults and that children will eventually find out about sex anyway?

Having never been greatly interested in porn, I had limited knowledge about it growing up.  I was by no means a prude and spent much of my time in Soho London, where sex shops and the topic are in your face.  However, I now realise I had a very clean version of the industry in my head.

I was in my teens when I met my first friend who had a porn collection and although he informed me that he’d seen some films that were quite messed up, I didn’t really understand how dark the industry was in general.

I’d heard of bestiality, the use of dodgy sex ‘toys’, broom handles, bondage… though had no idea the levels of ‘hard core’, grooming, blackmail, violence and death that went on, or indeed how mafia types that ran much of this controlled industry.

Shelley Lubben did a deeply moving talk, warning of how she had been homeless and starving when she was talked into entering the industry.  Having been told that she would have full protection from industry doctors and be able to make choices on who she slept with and what she would have to do, like many misinformed or desperate she agreed.

When starting out she realised many of the ‘actors’ are given or take drugs and alcohol to deal with the act of having to perform in front of others and once agreeing to take part things often do not stick to plan.  Scripts are often changed without the participants knowledge, and can include (though not limited to), rough sex, choking, being beaten/violently assaulted, internally damaged, raped, often gang raped.

Most complain, though are then informed they’d better get used to it or copies of the tape would be sent to friends/family members.   By this point most are unable to do much about it, or able to escape the industry controllers.

Due to this most become heavily addicted to drugs to help deal with it all.  The ‘doctors’ who are meant to help are usually untrained and part of the deception.  The porn stars usually carry multiple sexually transmitted diseases, women get internal tearing, some end up dying accidentally, some die due to addictions, murder, committing suicide and for a large part most of the ‘stars’ die prematurely.

The average life expectancy of a porn star is around 37 years (with the average person living to around 78), due to the aforementioned. 

In this article I’ll not go into the even darker side of the industry which does include snuff, torture, babies/children, animals and enslaved… As although this is more common than one would think, the above should be enough to make people at least a little bit more aware of the industry they are contributing to by watching/buying such material.

Make no mistake, by watching this material, you are helping to create a very dark world.  This may sound harsh though it’s not, as without the customers there would not be a global $97 billion industry that greatly contributes to child and human trafficking, torture and abuse.

In a world that is becoming more dysfunctional and disconnected daily, in my humble opinion we have nearly hit rock bottom on the human evolution scale.  Is it time to turn the tide on this dark period?  Change our ignorance to compassion and make the changes for us all to have a better existence. 

I dedicate this article to Shelley Lubben who sadly died in February 2019.