Intro narrator: Mindseye Mike

This documentary explores the phenomenon of the “Reptilians” from a different point of view than most. The film makers attempt to bring forth the most compelling evidence for the existence of the “serpent race” in an organized and serious manner. It seems the idea of Reptilians or other worldly themes within the “truth movement” is a dividing point for some people. PPFRC tries to examine this subject completely and unbiased in one of the most thorough studies ever conducted. Are these entities known as Reptilians or Reptoids actually real? It is up to you to decide!

This is part 1 of 22 short parts that make up the entire documentary. Sadly I couldn’t find a full version, though it is worth the time seeing all 22 parts. This is a well put together documentary, showing interesting history from around the world in relation to this topic.