Most feel or say they have great love for Animals.  Where does this begin and end however, as most on this planet, have not shown this in action.

Many will question that statement, without looking too deeply into what part they have played in the mistreatment of animals.  In ignorance many will denounce that comment, looking solely to what they believe has been great care of their ‘own pet’ or actions around the ‘pets’ of others.

Having spent much of my life saying ‘I love animals’ whilst eating them and in my youth, not giving the best care for them, I realise I too, have been a huge hypocrite.

I did not want to look at the topic or videos of animal cruelty, as to me that was too painful to see, so was I instead being complicit in allowing great cruelty of animals to continue?  Was there much more we could do as animal lovers, to stop cruelty by our awareness?

Too many of us also own pets without enough thought or research on what animal we ‘care’ for.  As a fairly well-known example, The Tower of London had a menagerie of exotic animals, most of which died very quickly due to being fed totally inappropriate food.  Ignorant people buying exotic animals in the hope of impressing others and instead just showing the world how dumb and self-centred they really are.

If we ‘love animals’ then isn’t it about time we research and address issues that could give these sentient souls a quality of life.  As human’s we have a duty to grow up and care for life around us, though many seem to have forgotten this fact in the sick corporate world of greed and vanity.

In the last few years, I have had to address some aspects of my own shadow side, especially around the topic of animals.  A friend approached me and asked me to add the subject of animals to my research/news group, which I avoided for some time.

I’d been given a long list of documentaries to view and knew they would upset me greatly, make me look at things that would bring distress.  What I failed to realise is how much it would open my mind up to areas of reality that really needed addressing for us all to find a better way forward.

Can I change much by my viewing these things, not greatly?  Though every life changed by my actions makes a huge difference to that being/those beings to have a pleasant life experience.  It is also way beyond time humanity grows up and acts with more love and care in all areas.

As I set about to watch the documentaries, I considered myself to be fairly awake on things going on, in, on and around our planet, though while watching I had a profound realisation that I was deluded.  I’d been researching the crimes dark subjects like child trafficking and torture, thinking I was one of the ‘good guys’ helping to shed light on these things, unaware that I was doing much of the same to animals.

I won’t go into the vile and gory details here; I shall add links to the bottom of this for those brave enough to really look at themselves and the truth about how we all treat animals.  I’m not here to judge anyone on this topic, as I myself have not been a shining example to go finger pointing at others.   I do however urge people to address how we can help to make this life a less cruel one, starting with helping those without a voice to help themselves.