It appears that the people of Maui have been viciously attacked by both directed energy weapons and many individual arsonists.  We have to look and hold accountable those behind these attacks and rebuild the lives of all those who have been affected by this atrocity.  

The mainstream media of course continues to report the elite controlled agenda of wild fires and climate change, which don’t explain the photographs of burnt-out boats in the water moored off land, the many arsonists caught in the act, or the photographs of directed energy weapons striking the area. Lucky for the billionaires that the fires seem to have missed all their mansions and the large retail stores.

The mainstream media which is now beyond highly controlled into criminally complicit and the journalists and those controlling the narrative must be held accountable.  Blackrock, Vanguard and in my humble opinion highly questionable ‘celebrities’ like Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, a large number of known Hollyweird actors (some shown in the image below),… are buying up land and property in that area and there is much to suggest that Maui is a desired location by the elite.  If these organisations and billionaire individuals are involved, this will be exposed, as I feel they already are. 

For those that research all sides of the news, mainstream and alternative, the above names will hold more meaning and I’m sure the average mainstream watching individual with integrity will find it hard to believe people would behave in such a morally bankrupt and evil way, though to some that statement is a compliment.   

It seems demonic possession and satanic worship is alive and well, especially so in America and if you look into the high numbers of active members on social media platforms created solely for satanists to meet, this will no doubt shock many.  I was deeply alarmed and disgusted when I came across one of these sites and the comments and numbers of members still hurts my soul. 

To me (and many others that do research on a deeper level than just taking the mainstream narrative as gospel), what is happening in Hawaii is a repeat of the Californian (so called wild fires), land grab.  Many trees intact, though homes, cars and boats burnt out.  Interesting these wild fires seem to avoid burning wood.  Developers like to maintain some of the green vistas as they rebuild the homes. 

Some who choose not see reality, have pointed out that some trees don’t burn, this is true though this fails to mention the fact that many trees and shrubs do.  I find it hard to see how the images don’t bring about greater awakening and reaction from the masses, though I’m guessing many are not wanting to see the truth or they may feel forced to take some action or be deemed cowardly.  Indeed, we are ignorant cowardly if action is not taken. 

How long will much of humanity remain with its head in the sand (or another location), people on their knee’s while the globalist billionaires steal everything from them?  The billionaires steal people’s lives, their ability to thrive, their families, homes, material possessions, money and give little to nothing back.  These people not only take from us, they also, by their own greed, prevent themselves from living a far better life.  We have been complicit in allowing this and will continue to deserve this treatment if we do not prevent it. 

Humanity has to stand up and it is long overdue that we remember who we are, see the truth, expose and end the level of corruption that has been allowed to destroy everything beautiful this world has to offer.  We all deserve to thrive, to travel freely (if not committing criminal acts against our fellow citizens) on this planet, to live a quality life. 

Idols, celebrity status, property greed, designer goods… have all become our false Gods, enslaving us and creating a very shallow existence.  Quick dopamine fixes in an attempt to heal the pain we all feel from living in this messed up corrupt system and dysfunctional existence. 

I see what has happened in Maui as a tragedy that from which we can expose how sick the control structure has been, creating something a new that will serve the 99% of the population and also help expose/heal and or remove the 1%.   

Most of us are happy to be of service under conditions where we thrive, where we are respected and appreciated for that service.  Maui and many other places on our planet need us to be of service, lets remove all that is rotten and outdated moving forward (controllers, ideals and other), Creating/Creator-ing a World for us all to thrive.

Photo by Satty Singh,