Kay Griggs, former Marine colonel’s wife, talks about military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual perversion deep within the highest levels of U.S. military and government.

The mission of this Brotherhood is to control drug trafficking worldwide through series of collaborations with drug lords, the Mafia, and other unsavory groups. It is at the level of military colonels and above. It includes most generals, admirals, active duty and retired. It is identical to a secret society where to advance one’s career must be “initiated.”

The manipulation of the world’s drug trade by the military began in the Ronald Reagan years as part of the Iran/Contra conflict when Col. Oliver North was a key operative in the sale of opiate drugs to American citizens using Mafia trade routes and distribution systems. Since then, the U.S. military has come to depend on revenues derived from drug sales for Black Ops, laundered cash to further the promotion of war and consequently the sale of military equipment and arms to third world countries.

Did you know that in order to fully graduate from Seal training, a Seal must conduct a documented “cold kill?” The justification for this murder is to determine a Seal Team member has the courage to kill another, even if an innocent civilian, a woman or child. Now Seals are just a small elite branch of the Navy, but it is found in all commando-like units across all branches of the service.

You may have read or heard that the Barry Soetoro administration is purging the military of an unusual number of senior staff officers for petty infractions and in some cases manufactured violations of military protocol. Why? To rid the military of competent independent officers, those who would not carry out an illegal or unconstitutional order from their Commander-in-Chief, little Barry.

Here are some of the things Kay Griggs exposes:

  1. The senior ranks of the Marine Corps and Army are filled with homosexuals or bisexuals that participate in group orgies involving men and women, at government expense, in NATO affiliated countries, especially in Marseille, France.
  2. Military transport aircraft bring in tons of drugs into military bases all across America almost daily. These are all cash transactions, so discreet banks in Mexico, Panama and Switzerland launder the money to avoid detection.
  3. A former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Al Gray, was a well-known and abusive homosexual (the term is Cherry Marine) and all his senior staff were required to be homosexual or were required to “turn.” They were called “Gray’s boys,” and Kay Griggs husband was one of them. He was not the only Marine Commandant with this orientation and this applies to the other military branches, especially the Army.
  4. Most wives of senior military staff are physically abused (several have died from the abuse or were murdered) and they have no recourse to legal remedies because both military and lay court judges are former JAGS (military lawyers) who are still part of a military chain of command. They are told what to do by the higher brass.
  5. The U.S. recruits and trains the sons and daughters of foreign dignitaries in subversion and terrorist tactics for use in their own countries when needed. They are wined and dined and continually told they are “special.” They usually are caught (on film) in compromised acts of homosexuality, sexual perversions or crime to be able to force their compliance in the future with regard to U.S. foreign policy initiatives. This is done in anticipation of Middle East conflicts where the U.S. wants to maintain control and influence the country’s leadership.
  6. Members of the brotherhood who become whistle-blowers, or show inclinations, due to moral conscientiousness or seem too independent are usually reassigned, murdered (“suicides”), or suddenly become sick and die, depending on the seriousness of their insubordination.
  7. A majority of the Brotherhood are masons, a secret society with elements of pagan worship and Nazi Existentialism. Fewer and fewer Christians are found in the higher ranks of the military.
    You cannot watch these interviews without finding it too horrific to believe yet this woman speaks from the heart, is educated and articulate, and very courageous.