Endocrination: new film exposing lobby battles on endocrine disrupting chemicals. The film shows how corporations and actors within the EU Commission are teaming up to demolish a major piece of public health legislation. For decades, industry’s strategy has been to advocate for a science-based policy. But which science exactly? This particular lobbying campaign provides helpful insights into the sort of science industry favours, and the sort it doesn’t. A new documentary film by French journalist and film-maker Stéphane Horel, follows the recent EU policy deliberations on EDCs and investigates different parts of the process. This investigative film looks at the EU’s delay to regulate EDCs. We are all exposed to hormone disrupting chemicals in our daily lives (also called endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs). But despite growing evidence that exposure to them is contributing to a range of health problems, governments have been slow in regulating and eliminating this exposure. This Call for Action arises from the urgent need to reduce people’s exposure to EDCs and states what the EU and national governments should do. Wildlife is also suffering from exposure to hormone disrupters. Fish, birds, otters and even polar bears are showing adversely affected reproduction in polluted areas all over the world. This means EDCs are threatening the survival of some populations in wildlife species.