Talk on ‘Nutrition and Behavior by Russell Blaylock MD’. This is a fascinating talk on nutrition and begins by covering the effect of nutrition on a fetus in utero and how poor nutrition can affect fetal development. Diet affecting whether genes are operative or non operative. It goes on to cover how poor diet effects criminal behavior and how the change in diet of convicted felons will change radically if proper nutrition is given. Sugar and its effects on rapid aging, Alzheimer’s and in making people hypoglycemic. In a study, 97% of Alcoholics were found to be hypoglycemic and how hypoglycemic people often suffer from anger and rage. How alcohol dependence can diminish, the study finding up to 71% found sobriety when the hypoglycemia was dealt with. MSG and its ability to cause rage, mixed with hypoglycemia can cause extreme rage resulting in crimes being committed, from petty to violent crime. How even one sugary drink can negatively affect people taking tests, people in the study making twice as many mistakes as those who did not drink it. How you can create killer mice by lowering brain serotonin levels and Serotonin deficiency also causes depression and suicidal tendencies. Potatoes being powerfully hypoglycemic. Soy products and their negative impact on health and making breast cancers grow faster. Serotonin deficiency also causes depression and suicidal tendencies. Vitamins and their effects. Food allergies and schizophrenia. Schizophrenics being cured by removing Gliadin and Gluten from their diets. Vaccines and the neurological effects. Russell covers leading foods that cause allergies. Omega 3 helps depression, schizophrenia, and eye conditions – especially Omega 3 with the DHA component. Low DHA and Lead can also result in violent activity/aggression and suicide. Hope that was a fairly detailed summary, though please hear the link for more in-depth coverage of these things and more.