Although for many the dark seems to have overtaken the light and the psychopaths expose themselves in what many are saying is ‘The Day of the Svarog’.  

End times scenario, world war three continues to play, pushed by the globalists and helped out by their politician and lame stream media puppets.

We should however have a great deal of hope, as this plan has failed many times for them and continues to fail this time.  

Around 2012 the globalist factions were spending vast sums of public money on making rivers run red,  dead birds drop from the sky, sea creatures cover beaches, building underground cities and preparing for ‘the culling of the useless eaters’,  their evil plans all fell apart.

Again in 2020 as they find themselves without the money, forced to have a last ditched attempt to do a rushed enslavement of humanity, allowing many of the sleeping people to wake up.

Yes many are starving and homeless from this attempt at world domination and in some respects things are not looking good, however we must remember how good they are all going to look in the latest Gitmo fashion attire and how powerless they really are, as 99% of the population takes back control.

No amount of mind control programming (MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Tavistock Institute) is going to work here, no amount of 5G crowd controlling will stop the countless furious people coming after these pampered, ill prepared spoilt greedy psychopaths, as the world see’s what has been done to it’s children, loved ones and itself.

The lies they have told over centuries of manipulating a system to benefit the few bloodline families is beyond apparent.  The amassed fortunes of the 1% and the temporary trinkets of illusory wealth given to the parasites/’useful idiots’ that have helped them along the way.

The ‘useful idiots’ sold their souls for a mirage, destroying the lives of all their brothers and sisters on this planet, for a lifestyle they see as their usefulness ends, was never real.  They sold out for promises and as they helped enslave others, failed to see they were just slaves in different clothing.

Torture, rape, murder, enslavement, control of everyone regardless of colour, that has gone on since the dawn of time, is about to be understood and no divisive, false flag, military or religious action by the globalists, will stop the world coming together against those who have committed these depraved acts.

They are doomed, their pampered elite luciferian cult asses are in the hot seat as the bright lights of Hellishwood turn to highlight their dark actions.  No Deep Underground Military Base or hidden ‘safe house’, will hide them, as they were built by others who know their deeds.

Have some compassion on the ones that can be saved, the ones that wanted out, the ones that grew up knowing no difference, as we must guard against becoming them in our actions.  We will be angry when their vile deeds are shown to the world, even those who have known of the ritual abuse will to look at the evidence and the post-traumatic stress worldwide will require a time of great healing.

Be strong humanity, we have all played a part in the system and have to look at ourselves/heal ourselves, knowing what part we held or ignorantly participated in.  The crimes done to children, most have done to animals in ignorance and we must address our shadow sides, make amends for our actions as the day of reckoning is here for us ALL.