How to talk to conspiracy theorists – and still be kind.  An article written by Tanya Basu for MIT Technology Review popped onto my screen today.

The main trouble with the world, is most are not kind, nor tolerant or interested in hearing any view that doesn’t closely match their own.

In saying that, I would probably have to be reserved and hold back my own emotions by not reacting to comments like the one from Tanya Basu.  

My initial reaction of anger at having to to see such an article by someone I deem a ‘….ing idiot’, initially could have me reacting rather than replying and being in a very far from ‘kind’ place.

On a daily basis I have to stop myself reacting.  As a conspiracy realist, I’m aware that that phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ was coined by the CIA in 1967 as a way to discredit anyone who saw through the fake narrative they wanted to present.  Controlled organisations like Snopes will tell you different, though it doesn’t take much research to see who and what controls that sad little man… his cock and some cash.

Returning to the article, Tanya said a ‘conspiracy theory took hold: Bill Gate’s plan was to control vaccination efforts that would include tracking people via implanted microchips activated by 5G cellular towers. Again, obviously not true’ she writes.  Hmmmm.  The reality is MIT is working with Bill Gates, are we meant to overlook this massive conflict of interest Tanya?

It is a great shame that Tanya’s 10 points are mainly based around total misinformation and how to respond, instead of how to listen.  She is clearly not hearing what ‘conspiracy theorists’ have to say and without both sides of the said ‘argument’ you remain misinformed.

Tanya’s point 5 clearly illustrates her determination to hear only what she wants to back her decision she is correct and that ‘conspiracy theorists’ must be nuts.  She claims ‘conspiracy theorists’ think a virus are transmitted by radio waves, which I have never heard anyone say.  Tanya is either not hearing the opinion that 5G can give flu like symptoms (among a number of other detrimental issues), or choosing to twist the narrative there.  Apart from the health concerns many justifiably have, researching the military applications and surveillance use of 5G.  

The truth is all around us and as the sleeping sheeple wake, will Tanya enjoy her orange jumpsuit at Gitmo? Going forward Journalists have to ensure they are well researched and not taking a controlled angle. Our worldwide media is controlled by the globalists that have an agenda to keep the elite owning you and everything else. As this is becoming more apparent daily Tanya, you going to continue aiding the dark path or choose the light?