EatTheWeeds: Episode 01: Why Learn About Wild Foods

You can learn how to eat the weeds. Green Deane’s foraging techniques for wild food are usable anywhere. Green Deane’s information should be heard/learnt by all and should be taught in schools.

Illuminate with Fluoride

Say “Cheese” with confidence!? Probably not if you use a Sodium Fluoride toothpaste, as it is industrial waste and the main ingredient in rat poison. Causes dental fluorosis and it is reported to have been used by Hitler to suppress inmates as it lobotomises the brain!? More interesting information presented in this short witty presentation.

Pentagon Briefing On Removing The GOD Gene – FunVax

Thanks to Joey Lambardi, the Man responsible for leaking this video. He was set up on charges and imprisoned. Please research this topic. In Lombardi’s own words… “I was on this assignment that seemed really bizarre. It just didn’t make any sense, you know? I was told that I was to document a war hero’s […]

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Simple Trick to Treat the Cold or Flu

Make sure you only use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and strength at 3%. I have used the advice in this video for several years and has found it very helpful. Natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola reviews the use of hydrogen peroxide, a simple inexpensive therapy that can eliminate your colds or […]