Bruce Lipton, Fear vs Love State and Stress’s Effect on Your Body. Bruce’s origins are from the area of Cellular Biology study. A fascinating path. This became his metaphoric platform to a greater understanding of how our perceptions of our environment has on the physical temples our consciousness reside within. He came into my own awareness quite early on when my Conscious Exploring really kicked in. What he taught me is the vitalness in mastery of my emotional state. Revealing Meditation’s importance. Then be foundational component in gaining my own Sacred Neutral Perspective of our Reality. This segment was one that I integrated into my observation of my emotional state very early on. The 2 core emotional states we can reside in. Fear or Love. I also learnt I do not need to be a passenger to my emotions. I have a choice in what i wish to experience. Bruce explains the effect of Fear vs Love on the body. The growth our body receives when in love verses the cost of experiencing and living in fear. The vital role of our perception of the environment in which we find ourselves based upon our Beliefs. How the experience of stress has in our ability to master this all. And, much more. I thank Bruce greatly for this and offer a taste of his wisdom to you here.