In part 2 of 4, of this major interview with Michael Prince aka James Casbolt, we deal with his Active Service duties, and how some of the Children from Nelson Base in Canada, were rescued from their Nazi SS captors in 1979, and taken to Toronto.

James Casbolt tells of the SS Nazi connection with the creation of Cyborgized Human babies for use as Supersoldiers of the 4th Reich, in the modern world,and how his batch of programmed babies was intercepted when enroute from a Canadian Nazi SS Base, in Nelson, British Columbia. The inclusion of his mission as an assassin to terminate one of these Cyborg-Supersoldiers, who had stolen a “Pearl”, or suitcase Nuke.

See Bases 1,2,4,5 and 7 for previous data on this. I once again state Casbolt,or birth name Michael Prince has not yet offered physical evidence of these claims.

The viewer must take all claims in context and understand the extremly dangerous ramifications. Prince states we can expect Alien actions in the public domain. His task with his colleagues will be to “herd” us away from such dangers.