Maui Murder & Land Grab

It appears that the people of Maui have been viciously attacked by both directed energy weapons and many individual arsonists.  We have to look and hold accountable those behind these attacks and rebuild the lives of all those who have been affected by this atrocity.   The mainstream media of course continues to report the […]

The rule of law…

Marc Horn, 20 Jul 2021. Learn where your rights come from, how to stand on them, your OBLIGATION to uphold the peace, your RIGHT to enforce others uphold the peace, and holding authorities to account.

No Obligation to Pay Council Tax – Indisputable Evidence Uncovered!

Marc Horn, 19 Oct 2022 DOCUMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD. Take our FREE Peace Keepers and Court Auditors courses FREE Council Tax dispute challenge download here Peace Keepers have been created to help secure a just and equitable existence., coming together to defend the peoples peace, to restore and preserve our inalienable rights, the highest […]

The Overview | No Obligation Challenge Council Tax – NOC NOC

Marc Horn, 6 Apr 2022 No Obligation Challenge Council Tax – Overview No council in history has ever been able to produce the evidence proving the payment of council tax is a mandatory obligation. Without this VITAL evidence, the council has absolutely no lawful claim to make you pay. Peace Keepers FREE course.

Inventor A


Music and Spell Casting

Music, sweet music.  Like sugary things music is much loved by most people, though similar to sugar, could much of it be bad for our health? Apart from the obvious jarring affects one may have to a neighbour playing music too loud,  feeling stressed out by music that does not appeal, or is played when […]

Tesla & d’Arsonval High Frequency Machines

I recently saw a link friend Clive de Carle did on Tesla High Frequency Machines which excited me greatly and got me looking into the possibility of getting one. Having suffered with some very painful conditions and injuries, I love checking out new healing devices and this one seems good for helping with many things. […]

Love for Animals

Most feel or say they have great love for Animals.  Where does this begin and end however, as most on this planet, have not shown this in action. Many will question that statement, without looking too deeply into what part they have played in the mistreatment of animals.  In ignorance many will denounce that comment, […]

Social Conditioning and Mind Control

As I sit here wondering movie directors are going to start adding masks to actors in old movies, like they’ve been doing for some time now by adding chemtrails to old films.  The money men ingraining the endless new normal(s), changes often so slight, that as David Icke states, is the “totalitarian tip toe” he […]