450,000 years ago, Prince Marduk, in line to be the next king of Nibiru found himself displaced and exiled to Earth with his father Enki, Chief Scientist of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition (the Anunnaki) to Earth. Marduk came to run the Mars Gold Transhippment base, Egypt, Canaan and Babylon and warred with Enlil-Yahweh, the Expedition’s Commander. Enki and his astronauts from Marsbase allied with us–the hybrids Enki had made from the Nibiran genome. Enlil built an Andean spaceport before Marduk could conquer the spaceport the Anunnaki used on Sinai but the fallout destroyed Enlil’s cities in Iraq (Sumer) and left Marduk in charge of Earth for awhile, albeit challenged by Enlil descendants who stayed on Earth while most of their congeners returned to Nibiru. Marduk eventually controlled the competing factions on Earth and pitted them against each other. A new King in Nibiru, Enlil’s son Nannar/Allah sent his agents back to Earth to challenge Marduk. Recently, the Galactic Council ordered the Anunnaki to unite behind Marduk’s dad, Enki; Marduk agreed and promised to make amends for the suffering he cause.